Our Aims

The aims of our group are to

  • act in an advisory capacity to Petersfield Town Council (PTC) on matters relating to the progress of the Heath Management Plan*
  • make recommendations to PTC on possible amendments to the Heath Management Plan*
  • to provide a volunteer labour group in order for additional works to be undertaken as agreed with PTC and in accordance with the Heath Management Plan*

To fulfil these aims we

  • undertake practical conservation work on Petersfield Heath and pond
  • undertake other activities that enhance the public’s experience of Petersfield Heath
  • raise money when necessary for carrying out the aims of the group

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in taking part in the work of the group.

Our elected committee is comprised of no more than 15 members, including the officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer). The officers are in responsible for running the group and are answerable to our members. We hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May which is open to members and friends.

*The Heath Management Plan is currently under review and we are actively involved in the process via the working document, Petersfield Heath Management Strategy.