Who are we?

We are an active group that loves Petersfield Heath. Our main objective is to help Petersfield Town Council to conserve and manage Petersfield Heath as an area of natural heathland, grassland, woodland and water for the enjoyment of all those who use it.

We work with a number of other local organisations including the Petersfield Museum, West Sussex Archaeology, the South Downs National Park Authority, and the Heath Pond Association, as well as local residents.

How to join

What do we do?

Over the years, our volunteers have achieved a great deal in conservation work, such as removal of saplings from open heathland, controlling the spread of  bracken, seeding heather to enlarge the area of heath, and using brash to create dry hedges.

We take part in wildlife surveys and will help deliver the Heath Management Plan. We also help to improve and maintain paths for the public to use.

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Petersfield Heath Management Plan

The South Downs National Park Authority and Petersfield Town Council have embarked on the preparation of a new management plan for the Heath. The first step will be to conduct a number of ecological surveys together with one on the use of the Heath by the local population and by visitors to the town. There will be an opportunity for everyone to comment on the draft plan during the summer of next year. It is hoped that the new Heath management plan will be finalised and adopted in the autumn of 2019.