Wolves on the Heath

Some of our regular visitors, Bee Wolf Wasps, have been busy again on the Heath. Their small holes in the sandy paths can be seen in many places, but particularly between the Pond and Heath Road. Thanks to our Chairman, Richard Warton for the photo and the video.

The adult female wasp excavates a hole leading to a number of chambers. She then hunts for honey bees, paralyses them with a sting, takes them back to her lair and lays an egg on the bee before sealing it in the chamber. When the egg hatches it feeds on the bee, later to emerge as an adult wasp.

It all sounds a bit gruesome, but is part of the essential balance of nature and the amazing food chain from soil bacteria to the birds and animals we love to see and hear.

Want to see more Bee Wolf Wasps? Follow this link:

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