Winter is upon us!

Well, not quite ………….. but if you fancy a little exercise in a good cause do come and join our winter work parties on our wonderful Heath which start again soon on Sunday 8th September 2019. We meet at the Little School Car Park in Heath Road to start work at 10 am, and the sessions last for about 3 hours. Alternatively look for our sail flag which shows where we are working. Tools and gloves are provided together with the all-important mid-morning coffee.

You should bring waterproof and/or windproof clothing, your own good strong gloves if preferred and suitable footwear. If you have tools such as shears, small saws, bill-hooks or spades, these can be useful.

In September we’ll be working on maintaining the heathland and grassland areas by removing bracken and using our tree poppers to uproot saplings which are encroaching from the wooded areas.

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