Badger filmed foraging on Petersfield Heath

There is new evidence of the presence of badgers on the heath.

Thanks to a new PIR operated infra-red camera set up by Richard Warton, Chairman of the Friends, a badger was filmed moving across the heath from the south to the north, foraging for worms and slugs on its way. You can watch the film here.

Richard had noticed badger “diggings” alongside the path in the dip away from The Little School towards the stream, so that is where he positioned his remote camera. Both badgers and foxes were caught in action! This badger was filmed at 5am when the temperature was 1C, and it was probably making its way home.

To date we do not know for certain if badgers make their setts (burrows) on the heath, although there are some residents who claim there are active setts.

Richard is determined to continue to monitor badger movements on the heath, “Whilst this is an exciting hobby for me, there is a real need for a full badger survey on the heath. Then we would know how best to conserve these important mammals”.

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