Common sandpiper

Eye Spy Nature in July

Elegant sandpipers make their summer appearance.

The common sandpiper is a smallish wader with contrasting brown upperparts and white underparts. Though well camouflaged against mud and water, its curious habit of bobbing up and down, known as ‘teetering’, gets your notice.

Sandpipers have a distinctive flight with stiff, bowed wings, with a striking broad white band along the centre. You might hear its distinctive three-note call which it makes as it flies off. There will normally be a small handful of sandpipers together, flying low over the pond. These birds are on their summer passage from breeding grounds in northern England or Scotland. They visit Petersfield Heath between July and September, which makes a great stop-off for some foraging and R&R before they continue their journey back to either Africa, Australia or Southern Asia for the winter months.
For more on sandpipers and to listen to their call visit the RSPB sandpiper page.
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