Winter work parties end on a tidy note

The Friends work parties have had a busy winter, undertaking many management jobs on Petersfield Heath.

Their work included maintaining the open areas of the heath by clearing bramble and bracken by hand, as well as “popping” saplings using our new tools. Some of the work was in support of the archaeological project, where further barrows have been cleared for geophysical mapping.

Nothing goes to waste however and the cut and pulled brash has been used to fill dry hedges. These not only act as a useful windbreak, but also provide excellent over-wintering habitat for insects and small mammals, as well as nesting material for birds. Some of the brash has been used to camouflage an old badger sett that is situated on the side of a barrow, just in case it is still in use.

Petersfield Town Council is taking advice in order to ascertain likely presence or absence of badgers at this site.

Summer work parties include more bracken pulling, seedling control and the spreading of heather seeds. If you can spare some time to help, please contact Mark Greef.

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