Tree-popper in action

Friends of Petersfield Heath christen their new toy

Friends of Petersfield Heath wielded their new tools this month to tackle saplings threatening to encroach into the open areas of the heath. We aim to help improve the biodiversity of the heath by maintaining a range of habitats from dense woodland and scrub to open grass and heath areas.

Working towards the central area of woodland next to the old golf course, our volunteers used a new “Tree Popper” to efficiently lift small birch and holly saplings, with no damage being done to the ground underneath. The Tree Popper hails from Australia and was purchased using a grant from South Downs National Park Authority.

Richard Warton, Chairman, said, “As with all our woodland tasks we are active until the birds begin their nesting cycle. Our new tools are helping speed up the work so that we will have time to assist the final phase of archaeology clearances before the beginning of February, by which time we hope there will be no more disturbance to the habitat”.


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