Eye Spy Nature in October

Some chiffchaffs are staying longer than usual for this time of year. This is a shy bird belonging to the warblers, with a distinct song. You might also pick out the rather boring piping of bullfinches. Listen to quarrelsome shrieks from jays gathering acorns to place in their winter store.

Watch the colour spread from tree to tree as the autumn progresses. First to turn scarlet to deep wine red are the maples standing by the Sussex Road car park.

The red oak nearby is also spectacular, as the colour starts to change on one or two branches with leaves changing to bright deep red while the rest of the crown remains green; later the whole crown will turn to deep crimson.

Berries are forming on holly and rowan, turning their lovely scarlet and orangey-red, excellent food for birds such as thrushes. Look out for our first winter arrivals of fieldfares and redwings, coming to spend the winter here.

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